Staff Notes

Hello from the Coos Head peanut gallery, this is Liz. I haven’t been with the store for very long. In fact, I just moved to Oregon two years ago this March.

I visited Coos Head Food Store when I first arrived, and I thought the store was special then. Now that I am employed here, I know exactly why it is so special. I came from a city with a high crime rate. Consequently, I would never dream of putting a meat eater and a vegetarian in the same checkout lane. Here at Coos Head, the meat eaters and vegetarians talk about the benefits of the Acai (ah-sigh-ee) berry. The point is, it’s about the energy.

I have learned so much since being here! The sharing of information is a welcome change to the indifference that is prevalent in our culture today. One could argue that this is a benefit of small town life, but I have been in other stores here, and the clerk and I did not discuss what type of oatmeal cures foot fungus (plain oatmeal made into a thick poultice).

What makes Coos Head so special is the energy here is one of collective interest: to live healthily, consciously, and with compassion. By sharing information, whether we know it or not, we are helping each other to achieve those interests, and that is the essence of a co-op.

So I just wanted to say thanks for providing me with a cool place to grow. I hope that 2009 will bring joy to all of us.


  • Thursday, Mar. 125-8 p.m.: Artwalk. Free wine tasting.
  • Thursday, Mar. 195 p.m.: Board meeting, South Coast ESD, 1350 Teakwood Avenue, Coos Bay.
  • Thursday, Apr. 105-8 p.m.: Artwalk. Free wine tasting.
  • Thursday, Apr. 175 p.m.: Board meeting, South Coast ESD, 1350 Teakwood Avenue, Coos Bay.

Board Meetings

  • January 08 minutes
  • February 08 minutes

Becoming a Co-op

The Coos Head Food Store is currently a non-profit, but is considering becoming a member cooperative. Here’s the latest information about that process.

Food Growers and Manufacturers

  • Sweet Creek Foods
    Wholesome, local canned foods
  • Solid Gold Health Products for Pets
    Natural foods, supplements, and skin care products for pets

    Web Sites to Visit

  • Organic Consumers Association
    News about food
  • The Campaign
    Activism to label genetically engineered foods